Emergency Lighting – LUXLIVE 2017
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15 - 16 NOVEMBER 2017 | ExCel, London

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Are you up to speed on emergency lighting?

Those responsible for emergency lighting installations need to comply with the latest legislation and best practice, keep energy and maintenance low and not least, ensure a building’s occupants are safe at all times. There’s also the responsibility to manage the risk assessments, testing, maintenance and all the associated documentation.

LuxLive can help. The exhibition has become the go-to place for all things related to emergency lighting. There’s a dedicated stream of tutorials and presentations, and you’ll also be able to compare all the latest kit from the biggest players such as Dextra, Hochiki, Thorlux.

We come to LuxLive because it’s the one big opportunity we have each year to really get to grips with what’s going on in the lighting industry.

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  • Wednesday 15 November 2017
    • 10:30

      Is my emergency lighting compliant?

      Arena: Escape ZoneSpeaker: Ian Watts of Hochiki
      A snap shot presentation outlining the major changes just applied to the standard and the now strongly suggested need for automatic testing.  Emergency safety lighting category explained and the importance of using competent engineers when undertaking the all-important written risk assessment.
    • 11:00

      Emergency Lighting: Ask the experts

      Arena: Escape Zone
      An expert panel answers common emergency lighting questions from selecting the right light level and signage to luminaire conversions and special situations such as indirect lighting.
    • 11:40

      Battery Masterclass

      Arena: Escape Zone
      Batteries are often the critical link in emergency lighting systems. In this special presentation, we looks at the common technologies in use today and newer solutions coming to the market which can extend service life, reduce maintenance costs and save energy.
    • 12:40

      Signage Masterclass

      Arena: Escape Zone
      Does the arrow go up or down? Can a sign also be used for illumination? Does size matter? Signage is often one of the most confusing areas in emergency lighting.
    • 13:10

      Testing testing

      Arena: Escape Zone
      All emergency lighting systems need regular testing. Here we look at the range of solutions available from manual and simple stand-alone self-test, building and site-wide self-test systems with remote diagnostics and the range of protocols available from DALI to newer wireless solutions.
    • 13:40

      Conversion conundrums

      Arena: Escape Zone
      Converting an existing fitting to enable emergency operation is often an elegant way to preserve the look and feel of an installation, or a useful tool in challenging applications. An expert looks at the options available and how to ensure a conversion is safe and reliable.
    • 14:10

      Panel: What’s the future of emergency tech?

      Arena: Escape Zone
      The advent of LED, IoT and new wiring protocols such as power over ethernet means emergency lighting is creating a race to keep up. In this debate, our panel looks at these changes and what the future holds for emergency lighting.
  • Thursday 16 November 2017
    • 11:00

      Five ways you could be breaking the law

      Arena: Escape Zone
      We outline the key requirements to ensure your emergency lighting is compliant with current UK legislation. This session will also cover common mistakes that occur with emergency lighting and what has changed with the latest changes to the regulations.
    • 11:30

      Emergency lighting summit 2017

      Arena: Escape ZoneSpeaker: David Mooney of Atkins
      Suppliers, specifiers, standards bodies and building owners urgently need to address a culture of complacency in the sector that has developed over recent decades. Risk assessments, a key tool of the standards, are not always conducted, even in major institutions and organisations, and those that are, are not always as thorough as they should be. Equally there is a lack of knowledge about emergency lighting requirements and standards. At this time of heightened concern about building safety, how to we tackle these issues? Our summit participants will gather to discuss the way forward. This is a must-attend event for all stakeholder 
    • 12:30

      Emergency lighting and LEDs: the opportunities and challenges

      Arena: Escape Zone
      What are the special issues with LED luminaires in an emergency lighting network? How do they differ from fluorescent? What are the advantages and what are the challenges?
    • 13:00

      Managing emergency lighting across large estates

      Arena: Escape Zone
      How do you manage various emergency lighting systems across multiple buildings? Is there a way to manage the testing centrally?
    • 13:30

      Panel Discussion: beyond the regs

      Arena: Escape Zone
      Are the standards appropriate for a changing world? Panellists discuss recent emergency incidents, stay-put lighting, lighting in a post mobile phone world, mesopic and photopic adaptation in an emergency situation. Our panellists debate the issues.
    • 14:10

      Emergency Lighting in a connected world

      Arena: Escape Zone
      Is the Internet of Things about to transform emergency lighting as we know it?
    • 14:40

      How to reap the benefits of automatic testing

      Arena: Escape Zone
      What are the advantages of automatic emergency lighting systems? Where is it appropriate to install them? Is retrofitting a system cost-effective?

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