IOT Arena – LUXLIVE 2017
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15 - 16 NOVEMBER 2017 | ExCel, London

IOT Arena

Gooee IoT Arena

At the heart of the show is this centrepiece stage and technology zone where the digital future of lighting comes to life.

Demonstrations, presentations, discussions and break-out talks will focus on connected lighting and the exciting possibilities it’s opening up to engage occupants and control our world.

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  • Wednesday 15 November 2017
    • 09:00

      Gooee IoT Arena official opening and launch

      IoT Arena
    • 09:45

      Has lighting gone bonkers?

      IoT Arena
      Supermarket lights are guiding customers to bargains in shopping malls, street lights are finding motorists parking spaces and airport lights are tracking wheelchairs…Wait. What? Here Gordon Routledge of Lux Review and friends discuss the killer apps for connected lighting that are set to change the lighting industry forever.
    • 10:15

      Case study: How connectivity will boost sustainability

      IoT ArenaSpeaker: Stefan Bernards of Nedap
      The concept of 'lighting as a service' is expected to have a profound impact on the speed with which sustainable lighting technologies will be adopted. Using real-life case studies and the results of a recent research project with a Dutch University, Stefan Bernards of Nedap will explore the role connected systems will play in accelerating the adoption of sustainable lighting in the market.
    • 10:45

      The security risks from connected lighting

      IoT ArenaSpeaker: Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners
      The lighting industry is undergoing a digital revolution which brings both huge opportunities and major security risks. Expert security tester Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners considers the risks that exist on internet-based lighting systems and how to manage them.
    • 11:15

      Break-out session

      IoT Arena
    • 11:45

      Why Bluetooth Mesh is smart lighting’s perfect partner

      IoT ArenaSpeaker: Martin Woolley of Bluetooth SIG
      Martin Woolley of Bluetooth SIG explains how commercial lighting provides a natural grid for connectivity, and how Bluetooth mesh offers businesses the power to intelligently control processes such as lighting, temperature and air-conditioning.
    • 12:15

      How to build a Bluetooth network – lessons from the real world

      IoT ArenaSpeaker: Simon Slupik of Silvair
      From the main concepts of the Bluetooth mesh networking specification to practical insights on implementation, this presentation by Simon Slupik of Silvair will cover the ins and outs of building connected lighting networks based on Bluetooth mesh. This includes lessons learned from using a 1,000-node pilot office installation.
    • 12:45

      Meet Gooee: IoT Arena tour

      IoT Arena
    • 13:05

      Case study: BMW flagship, Munich

      IoT Arena
      Connected lighting at BMW’s showroom is giving customers an immersive, personalised experience in testing, selecting and purchasing a new model. Here we explore the technology which is making it happen.
    • 13:35

      Li-Fi – Lighting’s killer app

      IoT ArenaSpeaker: Harald Haas of pureLiFi
      With Wi-Fi suffering from bandwidth congestion and security concerns, is the delivery of the internet using light spectrum a killer app for lighting? Harald Haas from innovative start-up pureLiFi explains the technology.
    • 14:05

      Break-out session

      IoT Arena
    • 14:35

      How IoT lights can help offices get more from less

      IoT Arena
      Location-tracking technology embedded in luminaires is giving building owners valuable insights into how their space is used. As clients are prepared to pay for this data, this is set to be an early application for connected lighting.
    • 15:05

      Do we have to choose between the BMS and the IoT?

      IoT Arena
      How will Building Management Systems, connected lighting and the internet of things work together in the digital age? Do we have to pick a winner, or can we integrate the different platforms? Our panel debates the issues.
    • 15:35

      Power over Ethernet: Enabling Smart Buildings

      IoT ArenaSpeaker: Steven L'Heureux of Igor
      Power over Ethernet is lighting’s best friend. More importantly, by using all of its functionality and responsiveness, PoE can turn any building into a smart building. Learn how PoE can power and control buildings – new or old – with the right technology today.
    • 16:05

      Break-out session

      IoT Arena
    • 16:35

      Case Study: Absa Bank, South Africa

      IoT ArenaSpeaker: Yatish Narsi of Design Partnership
      Yatish Narsi of Design Partnership explains how the practice’s unique ‘Observe, Disrupt and Develop’ approach to interior design combined with customer-insight data led to a radical reboot of the retail branches of the Absa Bank.
    • 17:05

      It may be smart, but where’s the value?

      IoT ArenaSpeaker: Bastiaan de Groot of Feilo Sylvania
      How will leading players in the smart lighting space deliver value and ROI to customers? Here Bastiaan de Groot, global director strategy and business development at Feilo Sylvania, explains the company's smart lighting strategy in a connected world.
    • 17:35

      The disrupted world of facilities management

      IoT ArenaSpeaker: Peter Brogan of BIFM
      Workplace technology can facilitate greater levels of collaboration and innovation, but to succeed you need to start with people. Here Peter Brogan, research and information manager of BIFM, looks at how IoT can transform workplace productivity.
    • 18:05

      Gooee IoT Arena Party

      IoT Arena
      This is THE party of the show, where the movers and shakers in the connected lighting sector rub shoulders and explore opportunities. Gooee experts, technology partners, manufacturers, speakers and visitors gather to unwind after the first day of the exhibition and discuss the topics and issues raised during the event. This is your opportunity to network with all the key players in the sector, meet major influencers and get answers to your questions.
  • Thursday 16 November 2017
    • 09:00

      Meet Gooee: IoT Arena tour

      IoT Arena
    • 09:30

      Privacy: a challenge for the lighting industry

      IoT ArenaSpeaker: Udo Scalla of TuV Rheinland
      IOT users rightly worry about their privacy online. Data protection and data security are major international concerns and it is essential that these fears these are addressed when planning an internet based lighting system. Udo Scalla of TuV Rheinland explains how assessments and certificates can be customised to protect the user's privacy. Presentation followed by a 15 minute panel discussion
    • 09:45

      Spy lights – are we the bad guys?

      IoT Arena
      When the tracking of people becomes a widespread application of beacon- and sensor-enabled luminaires, will it threaten the lighting industry’s position as a purely benign force? Our panel discusses privacy in a connected world.
    • 10:00

      How to integrate BMS with IoT lighting

      IoT Arena
      So you’ve already got a Building Management System and you want it to talk to your internet-connected lighting. What are the benefits? Is it even technically feasible? Our expert speaker looks at the implications.
    • 10:30

      Break-out session

      IoT Arena
    • 11:00

      Connected Lighting Concept of the Year

      IoT Arena
      Who will be crowned the winner of this exciting new Lux Awards category for 2017? Come and hear the shortlisted entrants pitch their ideas for applications of connected lighting to a panel of senior industry and tech experts.
    • 12:00

      Break-out session

      IoT Arena
    • 12:30

      Keynote: How IoT can make products smart, interactive and trackable

      IoT ArenaSpeaker: Niall Murphy of Evrythng
      Retailers could reap major benefits from digitally enabling labels and packaging for asset tracking, data collection and authentication. Niall Murphy, CEO of EVRYTHNG, shares his experience with brands such as Coca Cola and Diageo.
    • 13:00

      Retail Power Panel: How do we make connected lighting happen?

      IoT ArenaSpeaker: Richard Taylor of Graphic Strategy
      Our expert panel of retailers, manufacturers and designers looks at the challenges facing the implementation of connected lighting as the platform for digital services and how they might be overcome.
    • 13:30

      Case study: Retail

      IoT Arena
      Trials of internet-connected lighting in stores is producing extremely encouraging results, with increased basket sizes and dwell times. In this special retail case study, our expert speaker looks at these early learnings.
    • 14:00

      Break-out session

      IoT Arena
    • 14:30

      The Bluetooth standard that changes everything

      IoT ArenaSpeaker: David Edwin of Nordic
      The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has ratified a standard which meshes together Bluetooth beacons, extending the wireless platform’s physical range and dramatically opening up market opportunities for IoT lighting.
    • 15:00

      Panel Discussion: Can we prevent a platform war before it starts?

      IoT Arena
      A host of standards and protocols are vying to underpin connected lighting. Are there clear winners in a platform war? Our panellists – including representatives from Bluetooth SIG and Silvair – discuss the issues.
    • 15:30

      Case study: Petrie Museum, London

      IoT ArenaSpeaker: Panos Andrikopoulos
      The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology in London has been relit with smart lighting that can deliver ‘proximity aware’ services to visitors. Here the designer and lighting researcher Panos Andrikopoulos walks us through the project.
    • 16:00

      The lighting designer’s role in IoT

      IoT Arena
      Is the advent of connected lighting a threat or opportunity for lighting designers? What new skills will they need to thrive in the IoT space? Will light quality take a back seat to connectivity? Our experts share their views.

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