Tech Theatre – LUXLIVE 2018
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14 - 15 NOVEMBER 2018 | ExCel, London

Tech Theatre

Learn from the experts in LuxLive’s Tech Theatre. 

It’s a rolling programme so whatever time you rock up there’ll be something new for you to learn.

2017 Programme

  • Wednesday 15 November
    • 11:30

      WEEE regulations

      Arena: Tech TheatreSpeaker: Nigel Harvey of Recolight
      The Government is running a consultation on the WEEE regulations, covering key issues for the lighting industry. With the deadline for responses is 24 November. Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey explains the key sections of the consultation, the risks and opportunities for lighting, and suggests how lighting companies might respond.

    • 12:00

      Bats and Lighting: the latest research and best practice mitigation examples

      Arena: Tech TheatreSpeaker: Harry Fox of Clarkson Woods, Jo Ferguson of Bat Conservation Trust, Nick Smith of Nick Smith Associates
      Understanding the impact of artificial lighting on bats, given the huge uptake in LED technology, has led to a great deal of research in recent years. Hear from three professionals working across in the built environment and lighting industry with bats on the latest research findings and what can be done to avoid impacting these protected species.

    • 12:30

      Understanding the new colour metrics

      Arena: Tech TheatreSpeaker: Janine Stampfli of UCL
      The days when CRI was sufficient to describe the colour rendering of a light source are coming to an end. Many new colour metrics have been proposed over the last two decades, but some have now been endorsed by lighting authorities. This presentation will explain what these metrics are, how they can be used and what is required for them to be adopted.

    • 13:30

      Application of IoT

      Arena: Tech TheatreSpeaker: Douglas Vears of Integral, Thanh Tran of Integral
      The Rise of the IoT and its ability to interconnected devices has coincided with the rapid rise of LED lighting technology – and it can be a marriage made in heaven.

    • 14:00

      New technologies for lighting controls – BLE Mesh and PoE explained

      Arena: Tech TheatreSpeaker: Alvaro Garcia of Fulham
      These two technologies, at least one of which we expect to have a pre-announcement demonstration of at LuxLive, are the most requested by our customers. I’d present on why they are interesting for the lighting control world, and how together Fulham sees they have a key role in the future of multi-vendor, multi-topology controls.

    • 14:30

      The road map to ultra-high colour rendering indices

      Arena: Tech TheatreSpeaker: Xavier Denis of Nichia
      Today, color rendering index (CRI) ≥80 is commonly used in Indoor LED lighting applications and the technology trend is moving to CRI ≥90 and soon ≥95. Additionally, Outdoor LED lighting applications are expanding from street luminaires to architectural and city center lighting, requiring lower correlated color temperature (CCT) performances. In this paper, we introduce the world’s first Ultra-High CRI LED, with all R indices ≥90 and we are covering a possible technical solution to reach CRI up to 100. The paper is also giving an outlook of the continuous technology improvements of phosphor for CCT ≤3000K

    • 16:00

      Zhaga interfaces to your lighting future

      Arena: Tech TheatreSpeaker: Dee Denteneer of Zhaga
      Exciting times lie ahead for the lighting industry, with great opportunities for growth brought about by the Internet-of- Things and the service economy. As a global industry consortium, Zhaga addresses these opportunities by delivering interface specifications for truly interoperable components. During this talk, Zhaga’s Secretary General, Dee Denteneer, will discuss how compliant components constitute the basis for future proof luminaires, and an entry ticket to IoT and service based businesses.

  • Thursday 16 November
    • 11:00

      Wireless Mesh Network Security, lessons learned from Banking Security Measures

      Arena: Tech TheatreSpeaker: Siebren de Vries of Chess Wise
      Chess Wise CTO Siebren de Vries will introduce you to the security of building lighting control with lessons learned from the payment industry. Secure by design instead of security placed as a bandage afterwards. All steps in the product life cycle matter. Why is it important and which measures are taken to prevent unauthorised usage of your building lighting control.

    • 11:30

      New Ni-MH ENDURANCE battery range for lighting

      Arena: Tech TheatreSpeaker: Dr Stephane Senyarich of Arts Energy
      ENDURANCE has been designed to offer a long life duration in extreme climates, thanks to its new innovative plastic casing and to the well-known, high quality VHT Ni-MH electrochemistry. ENDURANCE is dedicated to many lighting applications requiring a robust battery with a high level of reliability, such as emergency lighting, medical lighting, solar lighting, centralised ELU lighting and back up lighting.

    • 12:00

      Future proof connected lighting through Zhaga interfaces

      Arena: Tech TheatreSpeaker: Dee Denteneer of Zhaga
      As a global industry consortium, Zhaga has a technical mission to specify interfaces of components of LED luminaires. The new Zhaga mission offers support and solutions for the large-scale penetration of connected lighting, which also addresses the growing demands for Smart City Lighting. During this talk, Zhaga’s Secretary General, Dee Denteneer will discuss how future proofing interfaces will offer optimum opportunity for the future. You will also understand further the new Zhaga specifications including a small, standardised connectivity interface for outdoor luminaires.

    • 15:00

      How the IoT could transform hospitals

      Arena: Tech TheatreSpeaker: David Mudd of British Standards Institution
      The Internet of Things could help transform the experience of hospital patients in the NHS – and lighting has a crucial role to play. Here David Mudd, business development director for IoT at the British Standards Institution, explains how data can improve efficiency, aid communication and free up clinical and administration staff.

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