Thursday 19 November 2015

Please see our 2015 programme below, you can sort by time, theatre, and sector by clicking the top columns. Happy planning!

Lux Arena09:30GeneralLux Awards: Where are they now?When we hand out Lux Awards, people often ask us how we know the winning projects will stand the test of time. So, with the Lux Awards in its fifth year, we decided to look back and see how some of the lighting schemes we honoured in the past are faring now.
Lux Theatre 209:30GeneralConnected lightingIn the future, lighting will be intelligent and connected. Dr Simon den Uijl of the Connected Lighting Alliance explains how technology is changing - and how this will benefit users.
Tech Theatre09.30TestingGet your product claims independently verifiedLIA Laboratories' new 'Verified' scheme aims to give specifiers confidence, by confirming that lighting products do what they say on the tin. Andy Guest of LIA Laboratories, explains how the scheme will help tackle confusion and misselling in the lighting business.
Lux Arena10:00IndustrialPanel Discussion: Taking the pain out of maintaining industrial lightingOur expert panel discuss the challenges of maintaining lighting in industrial settings, and offer their top tips on how to do it. With rail expert David Burton, Kevin Stubbs of Thorn, Neil Foster of CPW and Alan Tulla of Lux.
Lux Theatre 110:00Social housingHow to make your 2D bulkheads brighter, smarter and cheaper to runBritain's housing estates and industrial sites are full of thousands of 2D bulkhead fittings that need to be regularly maintained. Andy Davies of Harvard Engineering explains how retrofit solutions for bulkheads allow you to reap the benefits of LEDs and smart controls.
Lux Theatre 210:00IndustrialCase study: Royal MailJohn Bradshaw, engineering and technical services manager at Royal Mail, talks us through the rollout of LEDs and controls to 16 UK mail centres.
Tech Theatre10:00RecyclingThe WEEE regulations - are you up to date?Nigel Harvey, CEO of the specialist lighting recycling scheme Recolight, gives an update on the regulations for recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), including what you need to know about "dual use" products.
IoT Experience10:00n/aDiscover how lighting is set to join the internet of thingsJoin Gooee as they perform an interactive, theatrical performance designed to demonstrate how this unique technology operates in various environments.
Lux Arena10:30GeneralSociety of Light and Lighting Young Lighter of the Year: The Final, and the Jean Heap Bursary UpdateThe four finalists for the title of SLL Young Lighter of the Year present their papers to a panel of distinguished judges. Topics include circadian lighting in offices, and light poverty in the developing world. The winner will be announced at tonight's Lux Awards! Feride Sener Yilmaz will also give her six-month update on her £2,000 Jean Heap Bursary Award.
Lux Theatre 110:30Outdoor / procurementThe government's plan for procuring outdoor lighting: what you need to knowThe rapid rise of LED, and the grand product claims made by lighting manufacturers, can make life difficult for those in procurement - especially in public bodies that have lost lighting knowledge amid staff cuts. A new guide aims to help those in central government procurement pick the right outdoor lighting. In this session, find out how the guide can help you. And for manufacturers – learn what you need to do to keep winning those government contracts. Tony Howells of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills will be joined by Peter Hunt of the LIA; Joe Ernst-Herman of the Crown Commercial Service, Ian Borthwick of the IET and Gareth Pritchard of Highway Electrical.
Lux Theatre 210:30OutdoorLED streetlighting, is it really a no-brainer?Dave Franks of Westminster City Council on the journey of local authorities towards the utopia of low-energy public illumination. Hear how the unsuspecting are pulled into a murky world of misconception, unknowns and untruths, resulting in outcomes and business cases that are often nonsense.
Tech Theatre10:30Tech (drivers)An introduction to driver-on-board LED modulesDr WenTao Kuang, managing director of Kosnic Lighting, explains how ‘driverless' (driver-on-board) LED modules and their associated control peripherals enable emergency capability, motion and light sensing, and wireless control.
Lux Theatre 111:00Outdoor / procurementThe government's plan for procuring outdoor lighting: what you need to knowContinued...
Lux Theatre 211:00n/aBreak
Tech Theatre11:00Tech (LEDs)Quantum dots and how they'll revolutionise colour in lightingHeard of quantum dots? They're tiny semiconductor crystals, which can fine-tune the colour of light from LEDs. LED experts Adrian Rawlinson and Rob Woodhouse of Marl and Dale Needham of Nanoco explain how, and reveal what it means for lighting.
Lux Theatre 111:30Tech (IoT)The role of apps and the cloud in smart lighting adoptionSmart lighting and IoT is a hot topic area and for a good reason. With huge potential benefits and numerous applications. This session is about adoption of smart lighting solutions and how cloud services and mobile apps enable adoption. Anthony Fulgoni of IoT business Kii provides an overview of smart lighting types, use cases, drivers and approaches.
Lux Theatre 211:30OutdoorCase study: Downing StreetMichael Mould of DW Windsor discusses the technical considerations for upgrading traditional lanterns to LED. Looking at the Downing Street case study which benefitted from significant energy savings and improved light quality, whilst remaining sensitive to its heritage environment.
Tech Theatre11.30TestingCertification marks to build trust in LED lighting productsWith the rapid expansion of LEDs, the supply chain has been disrupted with many new suppliers and products lacking proven track records of reliability and performance. Gareth Jones of test house Lux-TSI explores practical ways to build up compliance to the key safety and performance standards in an affordable manner, to reduce financial risk and differentiate products.
Lux Theatre 112:00n/aBreak
Lux Theatre 212:00GeneralOpen innovation in lighting: benefits and key success factorsMarc Steen of research and innovation organisation TNO will discuss the need for ‘open innovation’ in solid-state lighting, and present findings from current collaborations between universities, companies and customers, including benefits of ‘open innovation’ and key success factors. Session organised in association with the European Commission's Lighting for People initiative.
IoT Experience12:00n/aDiscover how lighting is set to join the internet of thingsJoin Gooee as they perform an interactive, theatrical performance designed to demonstrate how this unique technology operates in various environments.
Lux Theatre 212.20Tech (human-centric)Putting a number on human-centric lightingChristian Cajochen of the University of Basel describes how to measure and quantify lighting’s effect on the human body. Session organised in association with the European Commission's Lighting for People initiative.
Lux Theatre 212.40GeneralPanel Discussion: How to bring human-centric lighting into the real worldHow can we apply the latest research on lighting and health? Our panel includes; Kent Runbom and Ulrica Celec of the Sweden Parent Association, Reine Karlsson of Lund University, Christian Cajochen ofUniversity of Basel, John Bullock of John Bullock Lighting Design and Helen Loomes of Trilux. Session organised in association with the European Commission's Lighting for People initiative.
Tech Theatre12:00TestingThe importance of quality marks for insurance and warranties in LED lightingJacob Nuesink of Dekra explains how quality marks can help in getting a risk transfer insurance for manufacturers as well as for large investors.
Lux Arena12:30TransportPanel Discussion: Do regulations stifle good lighting design at railway stations?Lighting in the rail industry is tightly regulated - and rightly so. But do the regs sometimes hold us back from producing truly great design? Our expert panel, including Paul Meenan of the DLR, Lee McCarthy of Designplan Lighting, Darren Ward of Dextra, and rail expert Dave Burton, thrash it out.
Lux Theatre 112:30GeneralWarranties on lighting products: How not to fall through the loopholesWarranties are important. But watch out: some warranties on LED lighting products are more about protecting the seller than the buyer. Top lawyer Paul Stone explains how to dodge the loopholes that can make your warranty worthless.
Tech Theatre12:30n/aBreak
Lux Theatre 113:00IndustrialCase study: High-mast lighting at a dockKevin Dyas of Dyas Electrical and Stewart Weaver of Kingfisher Lighting present a case study of low-energy high-mast lighting at a major UK dock.
Lux Theatre 213:00n/aBreak
Tech Theatre13:00GeneralLEDs that beat halogen for colourSteve Poole of leading UK lighting manufacturer Lumenpulse AlphaLED, explains how the latest LED technology can outperform traditional technologies for colour rendering.
Lux Arena13:10GeneralLamps behaving badly - live!Ever tried dimming LEDs? It's pretty hit and miss. Controls expert Jeremy Turner pulls together a mixed bag of light sources, dimmers and transformers, and connects them up before your eyes, to see what happens.
Lux Theatre 113:30GeneralTBATBA
Lux Theatre 213:30TransportThe changing tunnel lighting standards landscapeTunnel lighting expert John Rands of Designs for Lighting – who sits on BSI, CEN and CIE tunnel lighting standards groups – will evaluate the state of current and new national standards. He’ll look at the issues, pending changes and potential multi-discipline improvement initiatives such as the European Union’s Realistic Energy Efficient Tunnel Systems programme.
Tech Theatre13:30Tech (LEDs)5 things we didn't know about LEDs a year agoDavid Scott-Maxwell of Forge Europa gives an update on the rapid evolution of LED technology, and what it means for you.
Lux Arena13:50OutdoorPanel Discussion: Is smart streetlighting everything it's cracked up to be?Streetlights of the future won’t just be streetlights, apparently. They’ll also be communications nodes, with all manner of sensors and connectivity to support smart cities. But how big an impact is this really set to have? Our panel of experts including Iain Macrae of Thorn, Allan Howard of WSP, Dave Franks of Westminster City Council and Stuart Wilson of DW Windsor.
Lux Theatre 114:00IndustrialTBATBA
Lux Theatre 214:00TransportIntroducing the London Underground's new design guideTop lighting designer Paul Nulty explains how the Tube is incorporating lighting into its new station design guidelines.
Tech Theatre14:00ControlsTBCTBC
IoT Experience14:00n/aDiscover how lighting is set to join the internet of thingsJoin Gooee as they perform an interactive, theatrical performance designed to demonstrate how this unique technology operates in various environments.
Lux Arena14:30GeneralTech demo: Six bits of kit we love this yearThe Lux team picks its favourite new bits of lighting kit from the past year and demos them live in the Lux Arena. Not to be missed!
Lux Theatre 114:30n/aBreak
Lux Theatre 214:30OutdoorCase study: Blackburn streetlightingJames Huyton of Capita will present this major outdoor lighting case study from Blackburn with Darwen Council.
Tech Theatre14:30Emergency lightingEmergency Lighting; the good, the bad and the uglyProper emergency lighting is vital to keep your buildings safe. But how can you be sure that the system you've selected will do the job - and last? David Wright chairman of emergency lighting body ICEL explains how to avoid getting stuck with substandard products.
Lux Theatre 115:00IndustrialCase study: Q ParkAndrew Cronin of Nualight and Nigel Williams of Parking Matters present a case study of innovative lighting in a multi-storey car park.
Lux Theatre 215:00OutdoorTBCTBC
Tech Theatre15:00GeneralLighting Industry AcademyJulie Humphreys introduces the new Lighting Industry Academy and explains how this will provide new and improved training for the lighting industry
Lux Arena15:10OutdoorPanel Discussion: Does lighting cut crime?Manufacturers love to claim that their lights will make us safer. But the latest evidence suggests otherwise. What's the real truth about lighting and crime? Phil Edwards, an expert on transport and health from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, whose research sparked the debate on the topic earlier this year, debates with other experts including Reine Karlsson of Lund University, Nigel Parry of OrangeTek, Matt Murray of CU Phosco and Simon Nicholas, a street lighting quality campaigner.
Lux Theatre 115:30OutdoorSustainable streetlighting – learning from past projectsAllan Howard of WSP looks at recent and current public lighting projects undertaken by WSP | Parsons Brinkerhoff aimed at resolving current operational difficulties as well as providing energy and carbon reduction savings. He will explore the background to the schemes and discuss the development of the project lighting strategies, the problems encountered, how these were overcome and the end results.
Lux Theatre 215:30TransportCase study: Rainhill StationEuan Hilton of Northern Rail will discuss how the stations smart new LED system has improved customer experience as well as delivering excellent energy saving results.
Lux Arena15:50GeneralDragons' DenIn this ever-popular format, entrepreneurs present their weird and wonderful lighting innovations to LuxLive’s panel of dragons who will include Rupert Martin of Dextra, Annie Rawlinson of NJO Technology, Lumileds CEO Pierre-Yves Lesaicherre, and independent lighting expert Michael Morrison.
Lux Theatre 116:00Financing / OutdoorFind the funding to upgrade your streetlightsIt's estimated that Britain could save £77 million by upgrading all its streetlights to energy-saving LEDs. But how do you get the money? Iain Watson, director of energy efficiency at the Green Investment Bank, explains how the bank can help.
IoT Experience16:00n/aDiscover how lighting is set to join the internet of thingsJoin Gooee as they perform an interactive, theatrical performance designed to demonstrate how this unique technology operates in various environments.
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