Wednesday 18 November 2015

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Lux Arena09:20GeneralHow much could Britain save by embracing low-energy lighting?Lux's "lighting economist" Dave Tilley crunches the numbers and works out how much money could be saved across the UK by adopting the latest and most efficient lighting technology. You'll be surprised by what's possible!
Tech Theatre09:30GeneralElectrical Distributors Association meetingA meeting of the Electrical Distributors Association. Also open to non-members.
Lux Theatre 209:30Hospitality & LeisureCase study: The Britannia Laura Mackay of MBLD explains how the largest cruise ship to be built is now fully lit by LEDs and and has reduced energy consumption by more than a third.
Lux Arena09:50GeneralExperts answer your lighting questionsVoltimum's panel of lighting experts, including John Gorse of Philips, Chris Davey of Osram, Kevin Stubbs of Thorn and Zumtobel, Adrian Kitching of Megaman, Stewart Weaver of Kingfisher Lighting, Gerry Knowles of General Lamps and Bernard Pratley of the LIA will be on hand to answer any and all questions on how to achieve great things with lighting.
Lux Theatre 210:00RetailCase study: Cancer Research UKNigel Wighton, retail estates manager at Cancer Research UK and Adrian Tame of Tamlite explain how an LED lighting upgrade across the charity’s nationwide chain of shops has seen an increase in sales, a reduction in energy costs and an improved look and feel.
Lux Theatre 110:00Large EstatesHow to apply good lighting design principles in a large estateApplying the principles of best practice in lighting design to an existing estate can improve the lit environment, save energy and it can prevent you from overlighting or underlighting a space. Drawing on real world examples in universities, railway stations and hospital, Adam Glatherine of G3 Lighting Design shows you how.
IoT Experience10:00n/aDiscover how lighting is set to join the internet of thingsJoin Gooee as they perform an interactive, theatrical performance designed to demonstrate how this unique technology operates in various environments.
Lux Theatre 110:30Large Estates10 things I wish I'd known before starting my LED rolloutLED rollouts can reap big benefits - but getting them right isn't easy. Richard Felgate, formerly energy manager for the company behind pub chains All Bar One and O'Neill's, reveals the key mistakes to avoid.
Lux Arena10:50WorkplacePanel discussion: Office lighting - Time to throw out the rule book?For too long, offices have suffered from unimaginative lighting that slavishly followed the guidelines without thinking about the environment they created. Our expert panel consider whether we should chuck out the rule book. With Iain Trent, editor of the British Council for Offices' lighting guide; and top lighting designers Sabine De Schutter, Michael Grubb and Neil Foster of Couch Perry Wilkes.
Lux Theatre 210:30EducationCase study – Eversfield Prep School, SolihullEversfield Preparatory School chose an all-LED lighting solution for its brand new £2m sports and performing arts facility. Kris Price of Tamlite explains how LEDs have created a well-lit, versatile and comfortable environment, while keeping energy costs low.
Lux Theatre 211:00n/aBreak
Lux Theatre 111:00Hospitality & LeisureCase study: WahacaLighting designers Kate Wilkins and Sam Neuman reveal how lighting is boosting the brand of Mexican restaurant chain Wahaca.
Lux Theatre 111:30HealthcareLEDs and public health: The latest researchJohn O'Hagan of Public Health England presents findings from new research funded by the Society of Light and Lighting on LED lighting and its implications for health. Including flicker, colour, and the influence of light on circadian rhythms.
Lux Arena11:30GeneralCool WallWhich luminaire designs are achingly cool and which ones are just a bit... meh? In this lively and popular session, our experts give their views and place their choices on Lux's Cool Wall. The panel includes independant lighting consultant Michael Morrison and lighting designers Alma Cardzic, Mike Jankowski and Dina Chowdury.
Lux Theatre 211:30RetailHow to achieve flawless lighting for make-up countersOne of the biggest problems that make-up brands face in retail is customers bringing things back because they don't like the colour - and usually the lighting is to blame. Top lighting designers Claire Hamill and Anna Sandgren of Nulty+ and Roger Sexton of Xicato report on new research conducted with a major global cosmetics brand, and reveal how lighting can seal the deal in retail.
Lux Theatre 212:00GeneralLED technology simplified: what do we really need to ask?Less is often more, but as manufacturers seek to differentiate themselves, marketing claims of bigger, better (and with ever longer words) seem to be replacing important facts. In this session, lighting strategist and trainer Richard Taylor will attempt to establish what people should be asking, and what manufacturers should be delivering.
Lux Theatre 112:00n/aBreak
IoT Experience12:00n/aDiscover how lighting is set to join the internet of thingsJoin Gooee as they perform an interactive, theatrical performance designed to demonstrate how this unique technology operates in various environments.
Lux Arena12:10FundingFinding the funding for your lighting upgradeHow can businesses overcome the upfront cost of investing in the latest low-energy lighting and controls? Myles McCarthy of the Carbon Trust, Tim Morozgalski of Salix Finance, David Maxwell of Sustainable Development Capital and Stijn Broecker of Zumtobel’s services and contracting business, discuss the various approaches available.
Lux Theatre 112:30WorkplaceCase study: Sainsbury's Digital LabThe "digital lab" at Sainsbury's London headquarters houses the team who develop the supermarket's online services. It's a high-tech environment with a futuristic lighting scheme to match - Andrew Bissell of Cundall and Simon Waldron of Sainsbury's talk us through it.
Tech Theatre12:30n/aBreak
Lux Theatre 212:30WorkplaceCreating healthy workplace lighting with controlsHow you can use lighting controls cleverly in the workplace to save energy and make workers more comfortable and more productive? Ed Wilkes of Zumtobel explains.
Lux Arena12:45GeneralThe internet of things: should we believe the hype?The 'internet of things' is this year’s buzzword in the world of lighting. But is it about to transform the way that we use lighting, or is it all just hot air? Our experts debate the issue, including Francois Girodolle of Google's Nest Labs, Akshay Thakur of Cisco, Simon Coombes of Gooee, Jeff Shaw of Arup, Jeremy Turner of FAB Controls, Ian Crockford of Data Techniques and Tony Howells of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
Lux Theatre 21300n/aBreak
Lux Theatre 113:00GeneralHow dynamic modelling can help you design great lighting that meets Part L requirementsThere are a number of ways to make sure you meet the energy efficiency requirements of Part L of the Building Regs. Neil Foster of Couch Perry Wilkes explains how dynamic modelling can make it easy.
Tech Theatre13:00HealthcareLighting and dementia: the latest thinking. An ILP sessionLighting designers are perfectly placed to take the lead in the design of care environments for dementia. David McNair, a chartered lighting engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Lighting Professionals, explains why, and asks why more designers have not embraced daylight when designing buildings.
Lux Arena13:20RetailThe secrets of Tesco's massive LED rolloutAn exclusive Q&A with the team behind the UK’s biggest retail lighting rollout – covering nearly 1,500 shops. Matt Love, lighting manager at Tesco, joins Darren Ward and James Conduit of Dextra Group to explore how they achieved annual energy savings of 76 gigawatt-hours (yes, you read that right), without compromising on the look and feel of Tesco stores.
Lux Theatre 113:30HealthcareCase study: Why one London hospital is investing £1 million in new lightingGuy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust, which runs three London hospitals, is investing more than £1 million in lighting that it hopes will save energy and improve health. Alexandra Hammond, the woman in charge of the project, explains.
Tech Theatre13:30OutdoorCould your lighting be disturbing bats? An ILP sessionAre your lighting schemes causing harm to protected bat species? Jo Ferguson, built environment officer for the Bat Conservation Trust, explains how this can happen and what you can do to help prevent it, minimising disruption to wildlife on your projects and even contributing to the bat conservation effort.
Lux Theatre 213:30GeneralControls for all budgetsThe choice doesn’t have to be between a sophisticated all-singing all-dancing system and a light switch. In between, there’s a whole range of control options to suit all budgets. Controls expert Jeremy Turner explains how.
Lux Arena13:50Hospitality & LeisurePanel Discussion: When LED upgrades go badDingy bars with dotty, glarey LEDs, blueish lights replacing the warmth of halogen… we’ve all seen terrible examples of lighting upgrades in the hospitality sector that struck the wrong balance between energy efficiency and ambience. But if you avoid a few key pitfalls, lighting is still one of the easiest and quickest ways to slash energy bills. Independent energy professional Richard Felgate and lighting designers Chad Rains, Sally Storey and Tad Trylski share their experience of how to do it right.
Lux Theatre 214:00WorkplaceEsos - Take the opportunity to get your energy use downMyles McCarthy of the Carbon Trust discusses the most common opportunities for cost-effective energy savings, the barriers to implementation - which aren't just financial - and how to overcome them.
Lux Theatre 114:00Hospitality & LeisureHow Da Vinci himself helped design the new lighting for The Last SupperDiscover how a revolutionary LED lighting installation has transformed the way people see Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper - and how Da Vinci’s own feeling for light informed the design. Ian Stanton of iGuzzini, explains the design behind the scheme.
Tech Theatre14:00OutdoorSLL Masterclass: Lighting for architecture - the outdoor environmentA comfortable and stimulating outdoor environment is usually the result of a combination of factors. As designers, specifiers and users, how can we determine and make best use of these factors with the aid of the new SLL LG6 guide? Kevin Stubbs of Thorn explains.
IoT Experience14:00n/aDiscover how lighting is set to join the internet of thingsJoin Gooee as they perform an interactive, theatrical performance designed to demonstrate how this unique technology operates in various environments.
Lux Arena14:30EducationDealing with a sprawling university lighting estate: tips from the expertsUniversities own huge amounts of property, often on sprawling campuses with a mix of old and new buildings. Managing the lighting is tough. Our panel of experts, including Alan Syme of Mitie, Dan Lister of Arup, Ahmed Abubakir of Bristol University and John Hindley of Manchester Metropolitan University tell you how to take the pain out of it.
Lux Theatre 114:30n/aBreak
Lux Theatre 214:30HealthcareCase study: How to light for dementiaYou've heard about the science of how light affects the body, now here's a real-life example of how it's being put into practice. Daniel Stabenau of Trilux explains the innovative lighting scheme for dementia patients at the Maria-Hilf Hospital in Germany.
Tech Theatre14:30GeneralSLL Masterclass: Form and function in harmony: lighting the interiorHow does light react to different spaces, surfaces, and colours?  Can we use this to add to the dynamic appearance of a space – changing over time and seasons, improve quality and reproduce colour accurately with the aid of the new SLL LG6 guide? Helen Loomes of Trilux explains.
Lux Theatre 215:00HospitalityCase study: The Fera restaurant at Claridge'sThis stunning new restaurant in a converted art deco space at Claridge's in London uses a number of clever lighting tricks to create a beautiful atmosphere, with the minimum of fittings visible. Katerina Chanioti of Lighting Design International talks us through the Lux Award-nominated scheme.
Lux Theatre 115:00GeneralThe IoT in the commercial marketplaceFind out why lighting is the perfect platform to harness information through a granular sensor network and how to deploy this information efficiently through advanced software applications.
Expert Nick Crosby of Data Techniques explains the products and services that can guide you through the IoT cloud.
Tech Theatre15:00GeneralSLL Masterclass: The future of lighting is smartRoger Sexton of LED module maker Xicato presents a vision of smart lighting, with two-way communication as a key element. It describes which functions can be integrated into smart luminaires and how. It details means of communication including usage of the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol. Wireless lighting control and data retrieval for energy monitoring, fast maintenance diagnostics and extended warranties based on real data are demonstrated.
Lux Arena15:10HealthcarePanel Discussion: How can we make healthier lighting a reality in Britain's hospitals?New technology holds the promise of lighting that promotes health and wellbeing. But tight budgets, a lack of guidance and complicated lighting estates makes real-life applications of this technology few and far between. Our panel, including Professor Debra Skene of the University of Surrey, Alexandra Hammond of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, Damian Oatway of Central Manchester NHS Trust and and Helen Loomes, Trilux's human-centric lighting expert, discuss how to change things.
Tech Theatre15:30OutdoorSLL Masterclass: Lighting for public spacesAs more people live in cities, there is a renewed interest in creating spaces for people, including for pedestrians at night. Mike Simpson of Philips explains how technology is enabling lighting to transform public spaces, increasing engagement and creating a richness that can make these spaces great.
Lux Theatre 115:30EducationHow schools can grasp the energy-saving opportunity of lightingSchools in the UK can tap into funding opportunities to invest and reap the long-term benefits of energy-saving lighting. Colin Lawson of manufacturer Tamlite explains how, and why schools need to grasp the opportunity.
Lux Arena15:50GeneralWi-Fi vs Li-FiLi-Fi is one of the most exciting technologies in lighting, giving us the abililty to send data through light. But how does it measure up to the incumbent technology, Wi-Fi? In this session, organised in partnership with the University of Strathclyde's Intelligent Lighting Centre and the Knowledge Transfer Network, we pit Wi-Fi against Li-Fi. Professor Harald Haas of Pure LiFi and Geoff Archenhold of Integrated System Technologies go up against Wi-Fi experts Dr Paul Egan of the Digital Catapult Centre and Mischa Doher of Kings College.
Lux Theatre 116:00Education / Large EstatesCase study: Manchester Metropolitan UniversityFacility managers take note; this is the story of a university that ranked 91st on the league table of green universities, and was catapulted to the top. John Hindley, MMU's head of environmental strategy, explains how it was done, and how lighting helped.
Lux Theatre 216:00WorkplaceCase study: Centrica Estates energy performance contractEnergy performance contracts can help you take control of your energy use. Jennifer Neal, lighting specialist in British Gas's energy performance business, discusses the opportunities and presents a case study in which lighting energy was slashed by 70% at a seven-storey office building in Cardiff.
IoT Experience16:00n/aDiscover how lighting is set to join the internet of thingsJoin Gooee as they perform an interactive, theatrical performance designed to demonstrate how this unique technology operates in various environments.
Lux Arena16:30GeneralDragons' DenIn this ever-popular format, entrepreneurs present their weird and wonderful lighting innovations to LuxLive’s panel of dragons. We’ve got a hydrogen-powered outdoor light, and even a light that claims to run on no energy at all. Yes, you heard us right. The dragons include SLL president Liz Peck, Dan Lister of Arup and lighting consultants Richard Taylor, Simon Barnett and Tad Trylski.
Lux Theatre 216:30GeneralWomen In Lighting Group meetingA meeting of the newly launched Women In Lighting Group, chaired by Helen Loomes. All women in lighting are welcome - come and have your say.
Tech Theatre16.00Testing Access to North American markets for LED luminaire manufacturersAlessio Dellanoce, sales manager for lighting at safety certification company UL, explains the hurdles that makers of lighting products must overcome in order to market their wares in the US and the rest of North America.
Lux Arena17:30GeneralThe Bad Lighting AwardsLuxLive is calling on the lighting world to share with us pictures of the worst lighting you’ve seen. We want to see the most overlit, underlit, glary, shadowy, ugly, electrically unsound and just plain weird lighting installations that you’ve had the misfortune to come across. Gordon Routledge of Lux, Neil Skinner of SKR Lighting Design and James Poore of JPLD share the best - sorry - the worst in this fun session and present the awards to the winners. If they show up, that is...
Lux Arena18:30GeneralIntelligent lightingOur panel looks at the possibilities presented by intelligent lighting. With Dietmar Zembrot, chief technical officer of Trilux, Ralf Busch, product manager for light management at Trilux, Farhad Rahim of Chapman BDSP, Daniel Johnson of Medland Metropolis, Tony Howells of BIS and lighting consultant Tad Trylski. Introduced by Dietmar Zembrot.
Lux Arena19:00n/aArena party
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