Learn from the experts at 80 free-to-attend talks, demos and panel discussions

The best way to learn is when you’re enjoying yourself. That’s our belief, and that’s why we like to explain lighting technology through demonstrations, discussions and debates. At the heart of LuxLive is the Lux Arena – a stunning, 216 square metre theatre in-the-round which will have a series of interactive content hosted by some of most engaging and informed personalities on the lighting beat, including tech experts and team Lux.

It’s a rolling programme, so whatever time you rock up to the Lux Arena, there’ll be something engaging and interactive that you’ll learn from.

The full programme will be announced in September but the following is a taste of what you can expect to see and hear at LuxLive 2015.

Live and dangerous! Extreme dimming with the Control Freak Live a live workshop using good, bad and ugly kit from diverse manufacturers. A hands-on session that will show what you need to do to ensure smooth LED control in the real world.

Lighting Talk Live panel discussions LEDs in retail – hit or miss? Can LEDs stop the big streetlighting switch off? How can we tackle the NHS’s legacy lighting? If LEDs are so great, why won’t manufacturers give decent warranties? Just some of the questions our panel of grumpy, opinionated experts will tackle!

Lux Cool Wall What’s seriously cool and what’s totally uncool? Leading product and lighting designers and manufacturers pass judgment on the stand-out luminaires made possible by LED and OLED designs, and discuss how to maximise the design possibilities of solid state technology to give specifiers new solutions to old problems.

Lighting Spy We expose the worst excesses of lighting energy waste in the UK – by visiting new and existing projects and checking. But we don’t just criticise – our Lighting Spy team will propose alternatives which will save energy and improve the quality of the lighting.

Named and Shamed Complementing the popular monthly feature in Lux magazine, our team looks at some of the UK’s worst lighting installations that we’ve featured over the year and asks: What on earth were they thinking?!

Heroes and Villains Team Lux and friends name those who are pushing lighting forward (and those who should be on lighting’s naughty step), culminating in a vote for the greatest hero – and the worst villain.

The Big Interview Everyone wants to hear the views of the most influential people in the lighting industry. Where’s it headed? We’ll get answers in these exclusive one-on-one interviews with audience participation.

Product Demos You don’t learn that much about a product by the advertisements. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting kit – and asked the manufacturers to come and tell us in person.

Dragons’ Den In this ever-popular format based on the massively successful BBC television programme, entrepreneurs pitch their innovative lighting ideas to our panel of seasoned industry professionals. Who’ll get the thumbs up, and who’ll be told to think again?

In addition to the LuxArena there will be a further 4 theatres hosting a rolling programme of events, talks and discussions:

  • be inspired by the best low-energy projects
  • get the low-down from leading lighting designers in lightspace.london
  • learn about funding with soft loans and tax breaks in the Financing Clinic
  • Watch demos of exciting kit such as next generation LEDs
  • A whole theatre of CPD session to top up your points
  • Get the latest reg updates and keep your finger on the pulse in the Tech Theatre

Late Opening

Struggling for time? Worry not, LuxLive 2015 will have its door wide open until 9pm on the first day – Wednesday 18 November.

So, there’s no excuse for not attending and, better still, plenty of reasons to attend!

Exhibitors will be hosting drinks parties on their stands and the programme of lively interactive sessions will continue to the bitter end. What’s not to love?