• Visitors to the Lighting for Museums and Galleries conference at LuxLive heard a strong case for a new way to measure how lights render colour.

  • Circadian lighting and its supposed benefits was one of the hot topics at the Property Technology Live conference at LuxLive 2018 in London.
  • Visitors to LuxLive heard how the seaside town of Hastings took a neglected public space and gave it new life – through light.

  • The Lighting for Workplace and Wellbeing conference heard from Star Davis, head of lighting at the fast-growing shared workspace provider WeWork.
  • LuxLive heard an impassioned call from Dominic Meyrick, partner at Hoare Lea, for lighting professionals to do more tackle light spill, trespass and pollution at night.
  • It’s perhaps the number one complaint heard from lighting designers: that light doesn’t get considered early enough on projects.

  • The “Internet of Things” IoT has the potential to transform how emergency lighting is managed, tested and maintained...

  • Network Rail is poised to undertake innovative research into how platform and station lighting can be used to help deter people from committing suicide on the railways...

  • The sheer size, scale and complexity of the New Istanbul Airport, both architecturally and in terms of its lighting design, was set out at LuxLive by Jonathan Rush, partner at Hoare Lea.