The LuxLive UV-C Digital Conference held on 22 September 2020, will focused solely on the timely and urgent topic of UV-C lighting and its role in helping building managers ensure the highest levels of safety and wellbeing. 

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From the beginning of the outbreak of Covid-19, the headlines have been filled with reports surrounding the key questions, challenges, and breakthroughs as the virus has taken on the globe.

Following countless discussions on methods to treat the virus, the lighting industry noted UV-C lighting as a key player. Overtime, UV-C lighting has proven its ability to control and defend the virus, but has in turn raised important questions around its safety and practicality.

Starting with the basics, lead speaker Ray Molony, with help from other highly knowledgeable industry personnel, will talk you through the current key discussion points surrounding this method of lighting, making sure that by the end of the day’s presentations and discussions, you have gained a greater insight on what promises to be a highly effective weapon against the virus.

Catch-up on the presentations here.