‘Jury’s out’ on circadian light for workplaces, says major developer - LUXLIVE 2019
13 - 14 NOVEMBER 2019 | ExCel, London

‘Jury’s out’ on circadian light for workplaces, says major developer

Circadian lighting and its supposed benefits was one of the hot topics at the Property Technology Live conference at last week’s LuxLive in London. But many remain to be convinced that the tech is ready for the real world.

When it comes to circadian lighting in the workplace, Matthew Webster of British Land said, “for me, the jury’s still out.” Webster, head of wellbeing and futureproofing at the property developer, said it’s hard to “get a clear answer” on questions like whether indoor lighting should fade in line with daylight in the afternoon, or remain bright to keep people alert; or how it should deal with the changing length of the day from season to season. “I think it does need more investigation and research, and clearer communication and explanation of how it’s supposed to benefit us in the workplace,” Webster said.

Another challenge for connected lighting is the lack of standardisation of communication protocols. “It seems to be at the moment a real plethora of different communications,” said Webster, which is fine, as long as they can all talk to a central system. “The different building systems will continue to work in the best way that they think possible – it’s the communication from that system into our software that we really need to have,” said Webster.

“There are a lot of system houses out there at the moment that claim to be open protocol but actually it’s a proprietary system,” Webster added. “We would advocate strongly for open protocol systems.”