LIA Lighting AcademyWhatever brought you to LUX Live, the LIA wants you to take away some knowledge.

The Lighting Industry Academy will be running more of their highly successful educational sessions this year and want to help you get all you can out of the amazing lighting products available, whilst reminding you of the importance of compliance.

Whether you specify lighting, do a bit or a lot of design, sell or distribute lighting products, install or maintain- modern day lighting has changed, and there is more to know. The Lighting Industry Academy is offering unique educational sessions at LUX to help give you the knowledge you need in your role.CPS Certified


Re-evaluating the working plane or why are you lighting the carpet?

A learning workshop for lighting design engineers, specifiers and those commissioning lighting to learn techniques that combine readily available design software, thought, and the right approach to deliver lowered energy consumption in positive, future looking spaces.

  • Energy saving, from lighting where you need it
  • Designing for controls
  • Wellbeing, by allowing the dynamism in the space that human’s need
  • Enhanced building and rental value; why meeting optional building assessment methods futureproofs your investment


Lighting products have changed and there is a lot of cheap, unsafe, unreliable, poor performing s**t out there

Do you really know what to look for? Decisions based on cost or limited KPI’s can lead to bad performance, or injury? Is the product, the specification or the installation the problem? Links between light and health can leave you liable. With the global focus on carbon, energy and plastic, how can you maximise the circular economy but are you already too late?

  • What you need to know to make the right choice?
  • Starting with luminaires or concept
  • Setting your KPI sensibly
  • Lifetime for the next generation, facing up to your legacy


Compliance, we know all about that and have all the paperwork we need, or do we?  

Are you sure you are up to date on all the Standards and Legislation relating to lighting? But there are going to be some changes and where are things on Emergency Lighting? And WEEE compliance?

  • Your buildings’ compliant – is your lighting?
  • Standards have been updated – are you up to speed?
  • Where are we with Single Lighting Regulation?
  • Obligations and Duty of Care for WEEE

LIA tutors Iain Macrae, Bob Bohannon, Andy Guest and others will be delivering this exciting programme of education and all attendees will be issued with LIA CPD Certificates. More information and times of sessions will be available soon, so keep checking this page as you plan your visit to Lux Live.