09 Oct 2019

10 speakers not to miss at LuxLive 2019

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10 speakers not to miss at LuxLive 2019
The organisers of LuxLive have unveiled the line-up of speakers for this year’s show. It features experts with a huge range of specialisms and experience, and they’ve been tasked them to share their hard-won insights and learnings with visitors to the event. We’ve picked 10 who have caught our eye…

 Paule Constable


1. Paule Constable | Lighting designer
Multi-award winning theatre lighting designer Constable will deliver an inspirational keynote in the Lightspace arena, The Art of the Story.
Wednesday 13 November 2019 4.35pm

Sarah Gaventa


2. Sarah Gaventa | Illuminated River Foundation
Gaventa will walk us through the ambitious art project to light 15 London bridges on the River Thames with dynamic LED lighting.
Thursday 14 November 2019 12:30pm

Tony Gee


3. Tony Gee | Pen Test Partners
One of Britain’s leading cyber security experts, Gee will outline how the lighting industry can protect wireless lighting controls. Wednesday 13 November 2019 1.30pm 



Martin Woolley


4. Martin Woolley | Bluetooth SIG
Bluetooth mesh is set to revolutionise lighting controls. Here Bluetooth expert Woolley discusses agreed standards versus proprietary protocols.
Thursday14 November 2019  3:30pm


Rohit Manudhane


5. Rohit Manudhane | Arup
In the Workplace and Wellbeing track, Manudhane unveils the findings from Arup’s in-house experiment in human-centric lighting at its London HQ.
Wednesday 13 November 2019 10am


Peter Duine


6. Peter Duine | Signify
Duine, product manager of connected LED electronics at Signify, will discuss the company’s SR Programme which aims to accelerate smart lighting.
Wednesday 13 November 2019 12.30pm



Dr. Marcella Ucci


7. Dr. Marcella Ucci | Bartlett School of Architecture
Ucci will explore ‘biophilic design’ and wellbeing and specifically  The Living Lab human-centric lighting experiment at the Shard
Wednesday 13 November 2019 2pm


Dr. Octavio Perez


8. Dr. Octavio Perez | Mount Sinai Hospital
Perez, adjunct researcher at the famous New York hospital, will explore full spectrum LEDs in health and wellbeing
Wednesday 13 November 2019 1.30pm


Geraldine O’Farrell


9. Geraldine O’Farrell | Historic England
As senior building services engineer, O’Farrell will share her experience on the installation of emergency lighting and exit signage in heritage buildings
Thursday 14 November 2019  11.40am


Dr Navaz Davoudian


10. Dr Navaz Davoudian | University College London
Dr Davoudian is a lighting researcher with a focus on urban Lighting and night cities and will share her knowledge on urban lighting for people.
Thursday 14 November 2019 1.30pm

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