25 Sep 2019

5 Emergency Lighting Priorities for Maintenance Professionals

5 Emergency Lighting Priorities for Maintenance Professionals

During LuxLive’s research project with 25 Emergency Lighting practitioners we learned Maintenance Engineers have some key objectives for the year ahead. Here are 5 of the most important. 

1. Develop a deeper understanding of the allocation of responsibility; particularly in relation to retro-fitting. 

Following high profile disasters and serious fines, maintenance people want to know which balls are in their court. We heard about areas of confusion around everything from paperwork and handover documents to layout change in street property where information is either not delivered to the right people or does not contain the required level of detail. This year maintenance managers want to hone their knowledge of their own duty of care. 


2. Plan for and invest in product compatibility, integration and sustainability

With new technology coming to market continuously it is challenging to balance the requirement to take advantage of the latest improvements and efficiencies whilst ensuring the system functions harmoniously. Whether maintained, non-maintained, or integrated into a complex system of emergency technology, planning a schedule of improvements that refines rather than complicates the set-up is a priority for maintenance managers. 


3. Making strategic purchasing decisions that deliver real improvements

Maintenance managers are closely watching self-diagnostic technology to identify the point at which price is offset by usability and a reduction in maintenance cost. Battery developments are also of great interest. In properties or estates with thousands of small installations, a cheap battery with a very long life is anticipated with interest. More broadly, managers are tracking the market for advanced functionality as it filters into affordable mass-market products from high-end bespoke designs. 


4. Cost reduction strategies and investments

Major expenses such as compliance servicing costs, maintenance and testing are under constant scrutiny for possible savings. Maintenance managers are keen to compare notes with peers to identify possible efficiencies and to interrogate prospective or planned technological solutions with manufacturers.  


5. The latest on recently obsolete or updated regulations

Managers told us that there are various standards which are referred to only infrequently as the need arrives. A comprehensive revision of any changes is periodically required to make sure new projects are compliant and that existing systems are not inadvertently breaking rules, risking a fine, and jeopardising safety. This information is not always easy to acquire and digest but is always important. 


With these priorities front of mind the Emergency Lighting conference at LuxLive includes case studies from end users as well as detailed product information and regulator updates designed with maintenance managers in mind. 

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