14 Aug 2019

Bluewater shopping centre implements smart lighting

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Bluewater shopping centre implements smart lighting
Bluewater Shopping Centre

Bluewater shopping centre implements smart lighting

One of the UK’s biggest shopping centres has become one the most intelligent shopping and leisure destinations in the world following the installation of a new state-of-the-art control system. 

“Mymesh enables the organisation to become even more sustainable as it closely monitors daylight, presence and compliance.” Han Bak, CEO Chess

Utilising a wireless control network that easily connects every light within the shopping centre, called Mymesh, 8point3LED have ensured that the shopping centre is compliant with the latest government regulations regarding emergency lighting and the testing of it.

Ashley Batup, the Technical Director of Chess’ British partner 8Point3LED, said “One of the implementations of this system is the automatic self-test of emergency lighting. In order to remain compliant, emergency lights need to be periodically tested. These tests need to then be logged.”

“This smart lighting system does this all automatically, saving a lot of resources for the organisation whilst ensuring they stay compliant with the latest regulations.”

8point3LED is a leading IoT consultancy from Kent who was awarded the contract after a successful bid to transform the mall into a smart centre. Mymesh consists of a small device that connects to any light within Bluewater. From there, a wireless network is created that enables management to monitor, analyse and control the entire building from a central data dashboard.

Located in Stone, Kent, Bluewater is amongst the UK’s largest shopping centres with over 330 shops within 155,700m2 of space and over 13,000 parking spaces.



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