29 Aug 2019

Inventronics Introduces Next Generation Platform, More Compact and Global IP66/IP67 LED Driver Family

Inventronics Europe BV Stand: J18
Inventronics Introduces Next Generation Platform, More Compact and Global IP66/IP67 LED Driver Family
EUM DG Series

Inventronics has introduced an entirely new family of programmable, IP66/IP67 LED drivers with model offerings that cover 150W, 200W and 240W power levels. Their next generation platform offers an optimized design utilizing new features to help reduce SKUs, offer even more design flexibility and a simplified way to conduct hi-pot testing.  The EUM-DG family offers a high level of design flexibility. Equipped with a global cable that is obtained by merging the “UL world” together with the “IEC world”, they are suitable to be used world-wide.

The EUM-DG family currently offers 3 constant-power, programmable series delivering 150W up to 240W at output currents from 700mA to 6700mA. More power levels are expected to be released this year.  Each series provides a multi-layer of protection with a superior level of protection which includes over-voltage, over-temperature, and short-circuit protection. They are highly reliable, and their robust protection allows for longer lifetimes up to 106,000 hours.

Their ultra-compact design is smaller than previous generation Inventronics drivers, allowing them to fit inside a multitude of luminaires.  Their programmable interface and constant-power operation allows for onsite customization which achieves optimal results and various current configurations without the need of powering on the driver. 

Utilizing a new proprietary circuit, the drivers are still able to maintain an industry-leading surge protection of 6kV (differential mode) and 10kV (common mode) while passing typical hi-pot testing for luminaires without any secondary operation. The rugged, extruded-metal housing, which utilizes an exclusive encapsulation process, is IP66 and IP67 rated and specially designed to operate in harsh outdoor conditions and demanding applications such as high bay, high mast and roadway lighting.  

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