25 Sep 2019

R & D Pipelines in Emergency Lighting

R & D Pipelines in Emergency Lighting

A large proportion of Emergency Lighting professionals see value in knowing R&D pipelines. 

During LuxLive’s research project with 25 Emergency Lighting practitioners it was revealed that information about products not yet on the market is both illusive and important. 

End users and designers in particular stated that an insight into the most advanced product developments would help them do their jobs better. 

End users stated that the opportunity to make speculative long term investment plans was  valuable. Alongside which, a view of products that will move from the realm of the early adopter to mass market usage in the near future would facilitate planning for systems integration. A head of maintenance at a large charity told us, “New to me is ‘in development’ I want to plan on a 5 year cycle and to understand how sustainable my systems are, what areas of obsolescence do I need to be planning for and what compatibility issues can I work to avoid?”

Designers were keen to offer their clients a glimpse of product options that may  be available to them in the future. They were also keen to exploit the design potential of improvements in aesthetics or functionality. “A head-start on the latest stuff is important, in part to demonstrate to clients that we’re ahead of the curve which is a crucial USP”, a director at a leading design consultancy told us.  

With this front of mind the Emergency Lighting conference at LuxLive features a panel of leading manufacturers willing to reveal key products within their pipelines. LuxBox, Signifiy and 6Point3LED will share details on the challenges their newest products are designed to solve as well as lifting the lid on the R&D process that led to their development. 

The session will include products revealed to the market for the first time as well as the opportunity to quiz the manufacturers on details important to you. 


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