15 Oct 2019

Selection of Up900V and Up1000V Products

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 Under normal circumstances, the outdoor street light source module‘s own withstand voltage is 1500V, which itself has an error, the maximum error is plus or minus 20%, which means that the outdoor street light source module‘s own voltage withstand voltage is 1200V- 1800V, the minimum withstand voltage is 1200V; when the lightning strike, as long as the residual voltage of the lightning arrester does not exceed 1200V, it will not damage the light source module of the outdoor light.

· Some outdoor street lamp manufacturers use some unsatisfactory parts to produce light source modules in order to reduce costs. At this time, the light source module‘s withstand voltage will not reach 1500V, and may only withstand 1200V, when it is negative tolerance 20 At the time of %, the minimum withstand voltage is only 960V. If the product of Up1000V is used, it is possible that the light source module will be damaged by lightning, so only the Up900V lightning arrester can be used.

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