09 Oct 2019


The Widest Range of Lenses Made of Silicone Is from KHATOD

Among the latest applications, SIO3 SILICONE LENSES from KHATOD are in great demand in horticultural lighting and in agriculture utilizing hydroponic or aeroponic technology, which for sure remain some of the most exciting applications for LEDs in life sciences.

• New optical techniques allowing to sharpen extreme angles and elaborate specific geometries have been developed to make our silicone lenses able to achieve a superior optical refractive index.

• Cutting-edge technologies, continuous research and experimentation led Khatod to work on the transformation process by customizing the typical injection process. This has resulted in the outstanding features of our silicone lenses: excellent transparency, low absorption of light, high efficiency in light distribution, no birefringence, high flexibility even at low temperature, high thermal stability, micro-crack resistant also under harsh environmental conditions … just to name the most important.

Today, the Silicone Department of Khatod is one of the most advanced and ever-evolving, for technology, expertise, unique products. The range of silicone lenses for LED Lighting is one of the most comprehensive and highly performant now available on the market.

SIO3 JUNIOR SILICONE LENSES – 90mm Ø – for COB LEDs with 9 to 23mm LES.

The series boasts two NEW SUPER CHASED BEAMS: ULTRA NARROW BEAM of 15° and IESNA Type IV.

These exclusive lenses deliver outstanding performance and a huge variety of Beam Angles.

Besides the new entries, you will find many different models designed to comply with IESNA Type I, II, III, V, V Square, ECE ME3a.

Diameter: 90mm

Height: from 15.30mm to 35.31mm

SIO3 JUNIOR Silicone Lenses are designed to comply with IP and IK rating.

For extra fixing to the final application a holder made of aluminium is available on request.


SIO3 SILICONE LENSES – 111mm (w) x 100mm (l) x 30.68mm to 42.93mm (h) – for COB LEDs with 19mm to 33mm LES.

Designed for Street Light applications, comply with ME3a and IESNA Standards: Type I - Type II - Type III - Type IV - Type V, TYPE V Medium, TYPE V - 60°, TYPE V - 90°, TYPE Vs - 120° Square.

Excellent in any application in Wide Area Lighting, Horticultural applications, high demanding applications under extreme conditions, Outdoor and Indoor.

Preserve and enhance the typical characteristics of silicone.

Optic type: FREE FORM LENSES, engineered by using new optical techniques; manufactured by cold injection-moulding.

Beams: 3 roto-symmetric, 4 asymmetric, 2 axially symmetric in x, y. 

SIO3 Silicone Lenses are designed to comply with IP and IK rating.

For extra fixing to the final application a holder made of aluminium is available on request.


The typical features of silicone make SIO3 and SIO3 JUNIOR Silicone Lenses perfect for outdoor applications or indoor applications in damp and wet environments:

• High temperature resistant; considerably reduce the yellowing effect.

• NO need for extra protection: glass or gasket for IP.

• As an isotropic material, silicone provides the lenses with high flexibility allowing easy fit to the final application.

• As an elastomer, silicone provides the lens with an excellent compensation capability that well meets the requirements of construction mechanical tolerances in the final application.

• Excellent transparency; High optical efficiency

• No birefringence

• Flexibility at low temperatures

• UV-resistant; Non-yellowing effect

• No need for extra protection such as glass or gasket for IP.  Immersion-proof; Explosion-proof. SIO3 Silicone Lenses are designed to comply with IP and IK rating.

• Micro-crack resistant under harsh environmental conditions.

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