• Different models for different applications of high-bay

  • Lighting products for Depots, Warehouses, Industrial Plants etc.

  • From 8W to 42W LED downlights 

  • Poles and bollards for parks and gardens

  • From 14W to 52W LED linear light

  • From 40W to 220W LED Street and Road Lights

  • From 75W to 900W, modular LED flood lights with aluminium injection body. 



  • 300W/400W/500W

  • DC LED flexible strips product mix, SMD2835/SMD3528/SMD5050/SMD5050 RGB/SMD5050 RGBW/SMD5050 RGBWW/SMD2010/SMD3014 LED type, Epistar chip, Samsung/Philips LED brand and Sanan chip, SDCM≤3STEPS, CRI80+ ...
  • Speakers Bluetooth speaker with LED light

  • HY-WL-002H Voltage:AC100-265V Power:12W PF>0.5 Lumenious Efficiency:80LM/W CCT:3000-6500K RA:80 Material:PC IP:IP65 Certification:EMC
  • HY-SEL-003H Lamp Power: 3.0W Luminous Flux :240LM Beam Angle:120° MW Sensor Angle:180° Solar Panel: 5V   3.0W  Li-ion Battery:3.7V  3000mAh Working Time (fully charged): MICROWAVE SENSOR  full-light b ...
  • sensor

    25 Oct 2019 Energy Lux

    Detection Range:180°
    Detection Distance: Max 12m(<24℃)
    Time delay: 10Sec-7Min (adjustable)
    Power Source: 220~240V/AC  50/60Hz
    Rated Load: Max.1200W (incandescent lamp)
                              300W (energy-saving lamp)
    Ambient Light: <10Lux~2000 Lux (adjustable)

  • Illuminated by the award-winning TLS (Tension System LED), the TLS LumiCloud renders uniform light diffusion to surface areas. It is available in static white, tuneable white and RGBW.

    • Integrated Class I & II Solutions for Street Lighting
    • Controls Ready with 12V/200mA Auxiliary Power and Dim-to-Off Features
    • High Level of Input Surge Protection: 6KV DM, 10kV CM
    • Multiple Dimming Options
    • Thermal Sensing Protection for LED Module
    • Multiple Voltage Options: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V
    • Broad Portfolio to include low and high power models from 26-500W
    • Compact Metal Housing
    • Industry-Leading Surge Protection: 4kV DM, 6kV CM
    • Flicker-Free Efficiency up to 94%
    • Adjustable Output Current with External Resistor
    • Full Power at a Wide Range of Output Currents
    • IP20
    • Suitable for Luminaires with Protection Class I
    • Ideal for Linear, Troffer, Panel and Horticulture Applications
    • Built-in Protection for Unstable Input Lines: Input Over Voltage and Input Under Voltage
    • Dimming and Non-Dimming Models
    • Compact Size
    • Rugged for Outdoor and Robust Environments
    • Low THD
    • New Series with Fully Integrated Magnetics
    • Improved Efficiency, Price and Size over previous generation                               
    • Programmable with Constant Power
    • Isolated 1-5V, 1-10V, PWM and Timer Dimming (optional)                         
    • Input Surge Protection: DM 6kV,CM 10kV                                                        
    • UL & ENEC certifications in a single driver                
  • Using Powergear track Enigma Lighting are able to offer a number of bespoke finishes to suit your project.

  • A brand new 3-Phase adapter with a unique built-in LED driver which offers high power in a very reduced space. This multipower device is supplied with dip-switch for the selection of the output current and comes in DALI and ON/OFF version. Drivers are designed and manufactured in Europe. Available in white, black and grey finish.

  • connector box for street light 

  • LED Emergency Bulkhead with 3H Emergency Duration, CE Certification.IP 65

    • IQRF Wireless transceiver
    • especially for low power mesh networks
    • https://iqrf.org/products/transceivers/tr-76d
  • Wireless IQRF transceiver

    Especially for low power, mesh networks


  • The IGS Power Grid allows for many use cases for overhead lighting and sensor needs.


    • KNAC0435ASM: 50.00mm x 50.00mm side x 8.99 height – 25.40 mm lens pitch
    • Beam Angle: Type II Medium; ME3

    - Full angle at 50% from maximum: ~ 70° x 160°

    - Full angle at 10% from maximum: ~ 85° x 165°

    • Material: Clear PMMA, Non-yellowing, 10-year guarantee*

    *KNAC0435ASM is made of the same material used to produce PLEXIGLAS® Solar which guarantees it will show no yellowing for 10 years.


  • 13A switched socket with USB PORT
  • Dimmer switch
    • R1-R15>90, R9=99, Ra98
    • 3-8° & 6-45° zooming with mini size
    • Anodised Aluminum case,More best heat dissapation
    • Different application:Megnetic, Standing pole,Ceiling,...
    • Full cycle lighting solution in showcase
    • Beam angle: 8~15°/ 12~25°/ 24~40°/ 30~55° are available, Choose a best one for your project.
    • The front body can 360° rotatable, lighting shape can ratate.   
    • Easier to creating different shapes, with better lighting shape and effect. 
    • Neat and clear light cut makes the exhibits spectacular by themselves.
    • 8-60° zooming, precise light distribution


    • Trifocal to meet a variety of lighting needs
    • Round lens spot, oval flood spot, Rectangle lens spot
    • High CRI ≥ 98
    • Really restore color, present perfect texture
    • Rotate 360° horizontally and 350° vertically
    • Round Corner 
    • Just 9mm thin 
    • High Luminous 110lm/w
    • Good Glare Control (UGR<19) 
    • Customized Color Temp for Up-Down respectively.Up light and down light can control and dimming separately. 


  • Nichia “2-in-1” represents unique industry first Single LES Tunable Mid-power LED - NF2W757G-MT

  • Multilayer

  • Glass core

  • Fr4+Flex

  • Aluminum core 

  • Reel To Reel 

  • Model: LM-75-24-G2T2
    Dimming Interface: Leading edge (Triac), Trailing edge (ELV) phase-cut and Push DIM/CCT.

    Input Voltage: 220-240VAC

    Output Voltage: 24V/12V

    Output Power Range:0~75W

    Dimming Range: 0~100%,dimming depth: Max. 0.1%

    PWM Frequency: ≤3600Hz

  • Model: LM-75-24-G1T2
    Dimming Interface: Leading edge (Triac), Trailing edge (ELV) phase-cut and Push DIM

    Input Voltage: 220-240VAC

    Output Voltage:24V/12V

    Output Power Range:0~75W

    Dimming Range: 0~100%,dimming depth: Max. 0.1%

    PWM Frequency: ≤3600Hz


  • Model: LM-75-24-G2D2

    Dimming Interface: DALI DT8(IEC62386), Push DIM/CCT

    Input Voltage: 220-240VAC

    Output Voltage: 24V/12V

    Output Power Range:0~75W

    Dimming Range: 0~100%,dimming depth: Max. 0.1%

    PWM Frequency: ≤3600Hz

    Specification for detail:


  • Model: LM-75-12-G1D2

    Dimming Interface: DALI (IEC62386), Push DIM

    Input Voltage: 220-240VAC

    Output Voltage:12V/24V

    Output Power Range:0~75W

    Dimming Range: 0~100%,dimming depth: Max. 0.1%

    PWM Frequency: ≤3600Hz

    Specification for detail:


  • Specification: 


  • Vision-Smart Performance Series is an Olympic quality, HDTV compatible light for any world class  indoor /outdoor venue and are exceptionally well suited for tennis and skeet facilities. The RT-Series ...