• Model: SE-12-100-400-W1A

    Dimming Interface : 0-10V (1-10V/10VPWM/RX)

    Input Voltage: 100-240Vac

    Output Voltage: 10-42Vdc

    Max Output Voltage: 50Vdc

    Output Current: 100-400mA  (350-700mA current available)

    Output Power Range: 1W~12W

    PWM Dimming Frequency: ≤3600Hz

    Specification: http://www.ltech-led.com/html/en/Dimmable-LED-Driver/0-1-10V/0-1-10V_CC_Driver/SE-12-100-400-W1A.html



  • Model: WiFi-108

    Communication Standard: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, 2.4GHz RF 802.11b/g/n protocol.

    Input Voltage: 5Vdc

    Power Interface: Type-C USB

    Working Temp.: -30 ~60 °C °C

    Dimensions: L90×W90×H55mm

    Extension Interface:Trigger contact, RS485, L-BUS protocol interface

  • Model: LT-905-OLED
    Input signal: DMX512/RDM
    Input voltage: 12 24Vdc
    Output load: 5A 5CH Max. 25A (0~60W...120W)× 5CH Max. 600W

    DMX interface: 5-pin XLR, RJ45

    Control mode: Dimming/CT/RGB/RGBW/RGBWY

    Dimming curve: 0.1~9.9

    Grey level: 8bit (256 levels) /16bit (65536 levels)

    Protection: Short circuit / Over current / Over-heat
    Photoelectric isolation: Yes

    Working temp.: -30°C ~65°C
    Dimension: L122×W110×H37mm
    Weight (G.W.): 550g

  • WiFi-106 Gateway

    Communication Standard: 2.4GHz WiFi, 802.11b/g/n Protocol
    Input Voltage: 12~24Vdc
    Output Current: 4A×4CH Max. 16A
    Max Output Power: (0~48W...96W)×4CH Max. 384W
    Output Control: Dimming, CT, RGB, RGBW
    Operating Temp.: -30℃~55℃
    Dimensions: L128×W73×H45(mm)
    Package Size: L160×W110×H50(mm)

    Weight (G.W.): 470g

    Software Platform: Android 4.0 or above, iOS 8.0 or above 

    Including compatible remote F12 for color modes 

  • Vision-Smart Performance M-Series is an Olympic quality, HDTV compatible light for any world  class indoor / outdoor venue. The M-Series is an ideal solution for professional sports lighting, but affo ...
  • · Aesthetic design &High-quality finishing. 

    · High lighting efficiency direct replace 250W -400W HPS/ MH · Dimming and remote management systems (optional). 
    · High performance photometry, high strength frosted glass ensure comfort ,safety. 
    ·  The choice of different color temperatures With neutral white (4000-4500K) LEDs, With Warm White (3000-3500K ) LEDS ,With Cold White (6000-6500K) LEDS. 

  • ●Better Uniformity on the ground  ● Energy efficiency and Saving money.  Up to 60-70 % energy saving compared to standard High - pressure sodium / halogen lamps /metal Halide lamp and others lamp  Eg ...
  • The armatures of the Slice series are of high quality in design, and light output and light colour. Architectonic and balanced. The armatures the need for concealing and external driver.

  • Along with its beautiful design and fine finishing, the aratures of the Stripe series offer a unique mechanism for easy installation. All three models in the Stripe series are designed to provide  even distributed light on its surface, high efficiency of light output and non-flicking features. With a specific built-in driver, different dimming functions are at available.

  • We can produce LED Lens for you 

  • We can produce mould of LED Lens for you

  • BRIGHTLX can design LED optics for you.

  • NACTUS 6x2 OPTICAL SYSTEM with 12 LENSES : TIR version

    • PLL120001TR: 173.00mm x 71.40mm - 25.40mm lens pitch - 15° FWHM Narrow Beam
    • PLL120002TR: 173.00mm x 70.90mm - 25.40mm lens pitch - 34° FWHM Wide Beam

    Material: Clear PMMA, Non-yellowing, 10-year guarantee*

    **PLL12 series is made of the same material used to produce PLEXIGLAS® Solar which guarantees it will show no yellowing for 10 years.

  • Intenz Efficient: the compact and lightweight solution with excellent light performance. 



    • 100-277Vac, 50W-600W
    • Programmable, NTC, CLO, ELA, SSA
    • 0-10V/ PWM/ DALI/ Dim-to-off available
    • Isolated AUX. (+12V, 200mA)
    • 10kV/6kV surge protection
    • Efficiency≥95%, THD<10%
    • 8 years warranty


  • Extremely thick

    High colour rendering

    Several fixing systems

  • Solovetro: Essential Look

  • AURORA ZOOM: Solutions for every design need

  • Essential desing

    Reduced thickness

    Several finishes available

  • Refined design

    Rigorous geometry

    Many finishes available

  • Essenz LED highbay brightens up your workday

    Reliable lighting is key to an effective working environment. The Essenz highbay with proven LED technology brings you the essence of professional lighting for the best price. The new generation Essenz has been designed as the most effective of its kind. Easy to install, cost effective and competitive. Reliable European quality in a smart design. 

    Essenz: excellent light quality for the best price. Lower your energy consumption and maintenance costs.

  • The new pyroelectric sensor extends the PaPIRs families EKMC (standby current consumption: 170µA) and EKMB that is providing an extremely low standby current consumption of minimum 1µA  for battery-fr ...
  • modern chandelier and table lamps, with high quality ,cost-effective price

  • Housing:PA66                                                                                 Metal part:brass                                                            Waterproof O-ring: silicone    ...
  • B300 Series is a triangular bulkhead, double lighting surface.
  • T600 Series Mega Flood Light is a 160-170Lm/w, easily assemble flood light.
  • T500 Series Ultra Flood Light is a 165Lm/w high wattage flood light with individually adjustable modules.
  • Halo-L Series Post Top Light is a unique annular light, all aluminum body.
  • Yuyao Jiahui Lighting is focucing on design, develping and producing the professianal outdoor lighting products. 

    We have our own stemping and plastic factories, which can help us to control the cost well. 

    We aim to provide customer with high quality products at middle to low end price. ODM and OEM is all welcome for us.

  • Halo series High Bay Light is an unique annular light, IP69K & IK10, up to 160Lm/w output.
  • LED Festoon kits

  • LED Lantern

  • LED Up Light

  • site transformer

  • A LED dimmer whcih works with nornal push button. This dimmer converts a normal push button switch into a LED dimmer with ON/OFF control. The dimmer was designed and made in a small size that can be fitted in a normal wall box. The dimmer can be also be installed inside a junction box. 

  • One of the LUX Award shortlisted item. The world's 1st multi-control dimmer which does not need the 'Neutral' wire connection. The dimmer is designed to be installed on normal light switch boxes which has no 'Neutral' wire. Multiple dial control units can be connnected to the Dimmer to provide a multi locations dimmer control system.



  • PAMIR ELEKTRIK is located in the industrial city of KONYA, in the heart of Anatolia. Created in 1974, it was manufacturing electrical equipment and since 1990, it shifted production towards the lighting sector and became a specialist in this field.
    Company has been providing professional solutions for architectural and industrial lighting with the demands from our customers.

    • Adopt down lighting solution,The diffuser will never turn yellow
    • The light lumen drop slow
    • High luminous efficiency
  • 1.Die-cast aluminum housing with UV coated surface for corrosion resistance

    2.Lens protection glass solution make sure the lens life span is prolong and the overall luminous drop slow

    3.Modern Lens design with all light distribution

    4.Extra Glass plate for better protection if need 

    5.Special design for photocell fuction,0-10V dimming

    6.5 connectors for installation

    7.Surge Protective devices

    8. Salt fog protection surface treatment 

    9.NLC compatibility

    • The product weight is lighter
    • Cooler product:The finished graphene flood lighting heat dissipation is 1.8 times than die-casting Aluminum flood lighting.The temperature will be 85 degree
    • Good product surface consistency.Special solution make sure the body without any coating.
    • environmental protection:The product without any hazardous  material.
    • Tough product:Strong and firmness
    • Anti-corrosion,Salt-spray proof
    1. The product materials are Eco-friendly,No hazardous substance
    2. Unique Die-cast aluminum heat sink housing make sure strong dissipation,Advanced optical lens by 60°、90°、120°.
    3. Photocells,Microwave Sensor,Daylighting sensor,Emergency,Constant illumination are compatible 
    4. The high bay brightness status follow as the daylighting.saving 50% energy than the conventional Metal halide lamp, Sodium Light or HPS light
    5. You can setting the lighting by remote control.Control switch,APP
  • Intenz Coolheart: Heavy duty LED highbay solutions

    • Unique Design:Aluminum or PMMA lampshade optional,Dust-proof cover design,Unique photometric design with high transparency fresnel lens
    • Heat sink:Die-cast aluminum heat sink with power coated surface for corrosion resistance
    • Smart function(Optional):0-10v dimming,Infrared induction,Emergency
    • Convenient Installation:Intelligent socket,Plug&play
    • Advanced Technology lampshade:Nano coating increase the diffuse relection
    • Replacement:Superior to replace 150W to 400W Metal Halide Lamp
  • The clean, understated LED system delivers an exceptional level of light quality and performance. Available in link and solo modules, Linear Light5 offers a UGR <19, maximising visual comfort whilst promoting energy efficiency. A range of versatile control options are available for Linear Light5 and Hacel's dedicated and experienced Lighting Design Consultants can assist and advise on your lighting control requirements.

  • A display of understated elegance, Infinitas by Hacel is a refined LED system. Available in Surface, Suspended or Recessed, in both Bezel and Bezel Free formats, Infinitas is sleek and slender in its design and is precision extruded. The system offers continuous lines of uninterrupted uniform lighting and the flexibility is further enhanced by uplighting variations and completely illuminated corners. Optional accent luminaires further enhance the versatility of Infinitas.