Safer Cities - LUXLIVE 2018
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14 - 15 NOVEMBER 2018 | ExCel, London

Safer Cities


Lighting has long been a tool in the fight against anti-social behaviour, vandalism, crime and suicides in our cities. But increasingly we are beginning to understand that brighter lighting is not always better; it’s the intelligent application of lighting – both static and dynamic – that is creating the real breakthroughs and leading to reductions in both crime and the fear of crime in our urban environments.


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  • Wednesday 14 November 2018
    • 09:25

      Chair’s opening remarks

      Arena: Safer Cities

    • 09:30

      Trends in urban crime

      Arena: Safer Cities
      Our speaker looks at crime and the fear of crime in cities with a focus on spatial dimensions, the socio-factors and how local authorities and communities can respond.

    • 09:55


      Arena: Safer Cities

    • 10:00

      Lighting for CCTV and security

      Arena: Safer Cities
      How do we specify the most appropriate lighting to secure maximum-quality CCTV images for site management as well as investigative and evidential purposes?

    • 10:30

      Exhibition and networking break

      Arena: Safer Cities

    • 11:00

      KEYNOTE: How New York cut crime by 39%

      Arena: Safer Cities
      A major randomised control study across 80 public housing developments in New York has demonstrated that lighting has cut night-time crime by 39 per cent. In partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, the New York City Police Department and the New York City Housing Authority, the scientific research team Crime Lab discovered that the developments that received new lighting experienced crime rates that were significantly lower than would have been the case without the new lights. The study found that increased levels of lighting led to a 7 per cent overall reduction in so-called index crimes— a subset of serious offences that includes murder, robbery and aggravated assault, as well as certain property crimes.

    • 11:45


      Arena: Safer Cities

    • 12:00

      Blue light and suicides

      Arena: Safer Cities
      A significant number of trials of blue lighting in suicide hotspots has revealed encouraging results. Is there is a correlation? What is the psychology behind the use of blue light? 

    • 12:30

      Social Lightscapes: integrating sociological research and urban lighting design

      Arena: Safer CitiesSpeaker: Don Slater | co-director of the Configuring Light research group
      The London School of Economics recently completed a two-year research project which aimed to define a social research approach that nurtures a better understanding of social spaces and lighting design, centred on the lives of people and their communities.

    • 12:55


      Arena: Safer Cities

    • 13:00

      Lunchtime debate: Environmental factors in urban crime

      Arena: Safer Cities

    • 13:40

      Designing out crime in the built environment

      Arena: Safer Cities
      How can architects, designers and local authorities use urban design to passively reduce crime and the fear of crime in the public realm? How can design strategies such as place-making and social norming address issues such as alcohol-related crime, product theft hotspots, anti-social behaviour and vandalism?

    • 14:10

      Making cities liveable for the young

      Arena: Safer Cities
      How can the urban fabric contribute to happy and resilient urban childhoods? What role can architects, landscape designers, lighting designers, engineers and artists play in reconnecting children and teens with their cities? Here our expert speaker explores successful strategies from conurbations around the world. 

    • 14:40

      Panel discussion: Can design rescue our cities?

      Arena: Safer Cities
      Our panel of professionals from the built environment discuss the ways in which design can deliver effective remedies to social exclusion, anti-social behaviour and crime.

    • 15:20

      Exhibition and networking break

      Arena: Safer Cities

    • 15:25


      Arena: Safer Cities

    • 16:10

      The IoT’s role in making cities safer

      Arena: Safer Cities
      Connecting street lights and associated devices to the internet can lead to a sensory network which can make an enormous contribution to making our cities safer. For instance, using audio sensors and triangulation, street lights are already  identifying and locating gunshots in real time. Additionally, street lights can become a tool of the emergency services to rapidly signal the location of an incident, and provide appropriate light levels.

    • 16:40

      Towards safer cities apps

      Arena: Safer Cities
      What role can smart-phone apps play to assist city-dwellers in understanding, detecting and reporting crime and reducing the fear of crime? What apps have been successful? Why have others failed? Our speaker explores the issues. 

    • 17:10

      Technology and the safer city

      Arena: Safer Cities
      We bring together a panel of architects, designers, city managers and technologists to discuss the way technology can develop to contribute to safer and sustainable spaces in our urban environments.

    • 17:50

      Chairman’s closing remarks

      Arena: Safer Cities

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