How the digital revolution will transform our world

How the digital revolution will transform our world



Smart Spaces 2019Wednesday 13 November and Thursday 14 November 2019 | ExCeL London

Revolutionary smart technology is making it easier than ever to understand, monitor and control our environment.

Digital platforms, including the Internet of Things, are creating enhanced workplaces and delivering data for actionable insights into energy, productivity and utilisation. Lighting is increasingly seen as the backbone of this new world- a digital network that’s present wherever people are.

Additionally, ground-breaking innovations such as the Internet of Things, Bluetooth mesh, and new-generation Power Line Communication are creating new topologies and business models.

In this special conference, we’ll explore these exciting technologies and the innovative applications – both indoor and outdoor, they’re unleashing. Our expert, global speakers will explain the tech and the use cases, and look at the best exemplar projects from around the world.

So don’t miss out on the unprecedented benefits, savings, and insights that are available with today’s smart spaces.

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