Dr. Marcella Ucci

Dr. Marcella Ucci

Senior Lecturer, Bartlett School of Architecture

Dr Marcella Ucci is an Associate Professor in Environmental and Healthy Buildings at the Bartlett's UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, University College London (UK).

She graduated in architecture from the University of Naples (Italy), and then obtained an MSc in Environmental Design and Engineering, and a PhD in indoor air quality and modelling – both from the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, UCL. 

Her research focuses on the interactions and tensions between sustainable building design/operation and the needs of occupants in terms of comfort, health and wellbeing. Her expertise includes building monitoring and modelling, health impact of buildings (especially biological such as dust mites), active design, and operational aspect of buildings - especially occupant behaviour.

She has led the development and launch of the new MSc Health, Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings, of which she was Course Director between 2017 and 2019.

Dr Ucci is Secretary (Chair between 2012-2017) of the UK Indoor Environments Group (UKIEG) - a multidisciplinary network of academics, policy-makers and industry - set up to co-ordinate and provide a focus for UK activity concerned with indoor environments, health and well-being. Dr Ucci is on the Editorial Board of 'Architectural Science Review', and of 'Indoor and Built Environment' (previously Deputy Editor). She is also member of the Executive Committee of the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change.