Women in lighting




Please join us for an inspirational keynote at the lightspace arena with networking and refreshments to follow at the lightspace cafe. 

When: 13th November at 4.30pm 
Where: lightspace arena

This special event will kick off with Project co-founder, Sharon Stammers from Light Collective and lead into a special keynote from Paule Constable, award winning Lighting Designer.

Keynote: The Art of the Story

As a live performance Lighting Designer Paule Constable is drawn, of course, to light. That mercurial and precious element that can change the air in the room – create a roar, an in breath. Illusive. Beautiful and brutal. But she confesses to loving storytelling more. She seeks to impose a structure on otherwise unfathomable elements - creating beginnings, middles and endings so that others can follow. She is drawn to finding the perfect essence of something and is often, as a result, accused of an Amish approach to design.

Her work tends to strip things down. It is rigorous, extreme and often simple. A literature graduate with no formal lighting training - more obsessed with the language of ideas than with lights - her work is more about darkness than light – more about what isn’t there – what can be imagined…..the collective act of storytelling. 

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LuxLive has teamed up with Women in Lighting to support gender balance in the lighting profession.

LuxLive has teamed up with Women in Lighting to support gender balance in the lighting profession.

Women In Lighting is an inspirational digital platform that profiles women working in the field of lighting design. It aims to promote their passion and achievements, narrate their career path and goals, celebrate their work and therefore help elevate their profile in the lighting community.

Starting with lighting designers, the scope will expand to include women in all aspects of lighting - education, journalism, manufacturing, art and research.

The project launch is being supported by formalighting, a family owned lighting manufacturer with over 50 years and two generations dedicated to architectural lighting.

Light Collective – who developed the Women in Lighting initiative – approached formalighting with this project as they are a company with a strong inspirational women in a lead role - Sharon Maghnagi.

The project has already gathered support from individual female designers in almost 50 different countries.


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