Want inspiration for workplace lighting? Look out the window - LUXLIVE 2019
13 - 14 NOVEMBER 2019 | ExCel, London

Want inspiration for workplace lighting? Look out the window

Lighting designers seeking to create happy, productive workplaces can learn a lot from the light outdoors, visitors to LuxLive heard last week.

The Lighting for Workplace and Wellbeing conference heard from Star Davis, head of lighting at the fast-growing shared workspace provider WeWork. Davis says designers should look to nature for inspiration for workplace lighting.

“The best light for people is outside,” she said. “It’s how we’ve evolved to thrive. It’s where we should be looking in order to figure out what the right type of right for interior spaces is. Why do we design environments from which we have to escape?”

WeWork has grown rapidly in recent years, with 320,000 members and 335 physical locations around the world. Davis says its focus is on trying to create a world “where people make a life and not just a living”.

She shared examples of beautiful scenes from nature, featuring luminance ratios of several hundred to one. “Are these numbers that would be acceptable in our constructed environment based on codes? Not so much.”

Star Davis